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culture, creativity and spirituality

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THE CREATIVE SOUL COLLECTIVE is a platform for exploring and tuning in to the calling of what the heart wants to share.

Together we seek to understand each other and explore what it means to be alive.


We wish to create the New World. A New World that is in honouring of the ancient and unseen worlds. A world in which we listen and then speak, this place is in support of genuine equity. We wish to uphold justice that has been forgotten, to champion voices that have previously been silenced and in doing so, we empower each other.

We want to live as loving awareness.

Curiosity keeps us yearning and changing.


We are connected.

We breathe.

We share.

We collaborate.

We are love.

Creative Conversations

Embodied Community

We honour the temple of the body with spirited movement classes. To be embodied is a felt experience that requires us to be more fully available to live in the Present. 

Ava teaches Yoga and Creative Movement classes.


The Soul Sessions

Words on culture and belonging


Sporadic love letters. 

Receive inspiration,

updates on new episodes and posts, as well as yoga and healing events.

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