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About me


The Creative Soul Collective was started by me; Ava Riby-Williams. I intended The CSC a collective space for discovery, creativity, pleasure and liberation.

As well as being a community lover, I am a group facilitator, Yoga and movement teacher, and Artist. My art includes music, movement, food, conversation, paint, cultural stories and myself as a walking creation.

I feel that creativity is a birthright. It provides purpose for me and a channel to bring activism, spiritual learning and joy together.

This collective was started with the knowing that everyone has a valid desire to be seen and heard. Sharing stories that are close to the heart gives them a chance to be healed and learnt from.

This is also a space designed to create social equity and rewrite narratives of people of colour,  celebrating the teachers, healers, creators and inspirations in our community.

Enjoy the podcast, the blog space and Family of Origin stories. 

Ava teaches yoga and movement classes online every week, and every now and then there are live events.

the soul sessions