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Anti-racism work is spiritual awakening work. If you are not actively engaged in enquiry, you could be doing harm. Particularly if you are white.

This is a collected list of anti-racism resources. 
*Disclaimer* I haven't been through all of them myself, but trust the sources of information. The list is by no means exhaustive; it is intended as a starting point for your exploration.
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A list of books, podcasts, organisations on social media, films and TV
Renni Edo-Lodge POC
Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race
Layla F. Saad POC
Me and White Supremacy workbook
Podcast- The Good Ancestor
Interview with Justin Michael Williams
Justin Michael Williams
Stay Woke
YouTube channel
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel POC
The way of tenderness
Harvard University
Test- Implicit associations about race
Robin Di Angelo, PhD White woman
White Fragility
Her own list of resources

Angel Kyodo Williams POC
Radical Dharma
Podcast- On Being with Krista Tippett
Podcast- CTZN WELL with Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Seane Corn and Anasa Troutman
Kehinde Andrews
Back to Black
Michelle Alexander
The New Jim Crow
Peggy McIntosh White woman
Essay- White Privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack

Akala POC
Tiffany Jewell POC
This Book is Anti-Racist
Daniel Hill. White man
Community and training
White Awake
Ijeoma Oluo
So You Want to Talk About Race
Austin Channing Brown
I'm Still Here: Black dignity in a world made for whiteness
Sarah Shin
Beyond Colorblind: Redeeming our ethnic journey
Beverly Daniels Tatum
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
Bryan Stevenson POC
Just Mercy
Film- Just Mercy
Ibram X. Kendi POC
Stamped from the Beginning

Prof. Bayyinah Bello POC
Sheroes of the Haitian Revolution
Thorobred Books YouTube channel
Prof. James Small POC
Understanding traditional African systems

Nova Reid POC
Online courses and Podcast

Afua Hirsch POC
Podcast- We Need to talk about the British Empire
Melissa Steyn
Whiteness just isn't what it used to be
Shola Arewa POC
Opening to spirit
Tiffany Willoughby-Herard
Waste of a white skin

Michelle Cassandra Johnson POC
Skill In Action: Radicalising your Yoga practice to create a just world.
TED Talk
Ruth King POC
Mindful of race