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    We explore out of love for ourselves

    In order to know the truth

    For the benefit of all beings

    Website design by Ava Riby-Williams

    ​​As of Now, The Question is clear to me. Boxes of separation continue to dissolve as I open to seeing the Whole of Life as The Question answering experience. The Question (which is so clear to me nowadays that I say it as a statement for all of my cells to hear) is…

    WHO AM I?

    I am coming to know my true Self, and I am in rapture with the Journey.

    The Creative Soul Collective is part of the quest. This is part of our journey to come to know and understand ourselves by widening the lens. I want us to be inspired together and illuminated by trailblazers who are experiencing The Question, so that we can also move deeper inside and anchor in the light.